The Art of Timeliness

The Art of Timeliness

The Art of Timeliness

5 Reasons Why Being on Time to Class Benefits You and Your Child

William Shakespeare famously said, "Better three hours too soon, than one minute too late." As we all swing into action in the new school year many of us will be juggling multiple schedules and competing interests. Sometimes it's a challenge to figure out how to prioritize those interests. I'd like to encourage all of our parents to be sure they are getting their child to class on time. Here are five ways that being on time (and early) will help both you and your child.
  1. It gives your child time to get mentally and physically prepared for class. Those extra few minutes will help them prepare their mind to receive instruction, get their uniforms on and belts tied. It's a much easier transition into class.
  2. It ensures your child is growing at the same rate as the rest of the students. Parents understand the value of the training their child is receiving. Don't let them miss out on even a few minutes of instruction or technique.
  3. It teaches your child the value of time management. When your child sees you making efforts to continually be on time, they will instinctively learn the benefits of timeliness in their lives. It's a positive trait that can pay dividends for life!
  4. It ensures that your child doesn't distract his teammates. Kids love to see each other. There's a time and place for kids to be kids, but let's be sure that takes place before and after class, not during. 
  5. It will help your child to form strong, healthy connections with his/her peers. Every minute on the mat training with their peers helps your child to form strong, friendly bonds with those training partners.
And by the way, all of the above points go for our adult classes too. I often say, "being on time is late, being five minutes early is on time." I look forward to seeing all of you (on time) on the mat soon!



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