Best Practice Hygiene Tips and The Gentle Art

Best Practice Hygiene Tips and The Gentle Art

The very nature of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu means we are in very close contact with each other. More so than perhaps any other sport. As we have many new students joining the school, I wanted to share a reminder of some best practice hygiene tips that we should all aspire to.

1) Wash your gi after every class. Don't be tempted to do two training sessions in a dirty gi. Not only does this help prevent bacteria from being spread and potentially causing health problems, it also means you'll have more training partners! (Pro tip: a cup of white vinegar or a laundry detergent booster like Borax along with washing your gi in hot water will help kill bacteria.)

2) Personal hygiene -- trim your nails on your feet and hands; brush your teeth or gargle with mouthwash; if possible, take a shower before class. Do everything in your power to make sure that you present yourself as a desirable training partner.

3) In the rare case that you do develop a rash or skin problem or have an infectious condition, seek medical help and pause your training. You'll be doing yourself a favor and will also protect your fellow students.

The school goes to great lengths to provide a safe and clean training environment. The mats are disinfected and washed every day and we constantly monitor the condition of the school and our equipment. By adhering to the three points above, you can help keep our school clean and safe.

See you on the mat.


George Sernack

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