New Year, New Faces

New Year, New Faces

You've probably seen a lot of new faces around the gym lately. Any time you visit a new school to train, or are the guest yourself at a new school, you are faced with a lot of opportunities. And this often spawns a lot of questions.
Here are a few commonly asked questions:
-How competitive should I be?
-Do I adopt the practices and traditions of the new gym or stay with what I'm used to?
-Do I need to prove myself so people take me seriously?
-How do I find training partners that are willing to train at my speed/level?
Meeting new training partners can be both intimidating and a welcome opportunity -- it's all about mindset. 
Sure, you could ask the new face at the gym to train and smash them for six minutes straight. And you could do the same with every new person you meet. But that's not a long term mindset. And it's one that's likely to lose you training partners.
If you view every new face as a potential long-term training partner, then you are not only more likely to have people who are willing to train with you, but you will also help ease their transition into the new gym, making it a better experience, overall.
While it's tempting to want to test your skill level against an unknown opponent (and there's nothing wrong with being competitive), make sure you're both on the same page, and ideally have a similar experience level.
And there's nothing wrong with asking your training partner how much experience they have, how much intensity they prefer or if they have any injuries. Also don't be afraid to state any injuries you have that might be a liability during a roll. Clear communications can help set expectations that make the training more effective for everyone.
When it comes to the traditions or protocols at a new gym, if you're not sure, just ask. Find of the coaches or a high-ranked belt and simply explain that you're new and you're not sure how things are done. And if you're on home turf and you see new faces, take the time to welcome them and introduce yourself. Chances are you're going to see a lot of each other over the coming months and a friendly face is always a welcome way to start training.
So no matter whether you're a guest, or welcoming guests to your school, remember to engage a long-term mindset.
See you on the mat.

Professor George Sernack

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