Adam Wenz, Martial Arts Instructor

Adam Wenz

Professor Adam Wenz is a Renzo Gracie black belt, training under Professor George Sernack since 2006. Like many other jiu-jitsu practitioners, Adam was drawn to the sport after watching old videos of UFC 1 and 2, as well as The Ultimate Fighter series. “I remember thinking that watching this skinny 175 pound guy in his pajamas was like watching paint dry. But there was no denying the effectiveness of jiu-jitsu and its dominance over other martial arts. After a colleague of mine burned a DVD of some jiu-jitsu moves, I became inspired to give Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu a try. After some time on the mat, I gained a little understanding of how awesome Royce’s early fights really were, and the excitement of jiu-jitsu. “ The excitement and dedication paid off as Adam was promoted to black belt in 2016. Today, Adam can be seen training several times per week as well as teaching the beginner jiu-jitsu class on Saturdays.

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