Raffaele Fabiano

“You can have anything in this world that you want…you just have to be willing to work HARD for it!”

Coach Raf started martial arts at early age of 7 with a mixture of Karate and Wrestling, eventually preferring and sticking with Wrestling through high school and in college competing with the Penn State Club Wrestling Team while earning Bachelor of Arts Degrees in English Literature and Philosophy. Following University he studied Dutch Style Kickboxing, Western Boxing, Russian Sambo, and Submission Wrestling under Sifu Jerry Jones for 5 years. He then went on to continue Boxing and Submission Wrestling under former UFC fighter Mike Massenzio at Iron Horse MMA for 2 more years before getting his Club KO kickboxing Certification and transitioning to CKO kickboxing instructor for the past 7 years at various clubs including Whippany, Randolph, and Lyndhurst. He is currently a BJJ Purple Belt under Professor George Sernack and is currently training once a week with a Certified Muay Thai KRU on the art of Muay Thai kickboxing and has twice gone to the Muay Thai training camp in San Benedetto Del Tronto Italy, ROBYCAMP, to train with former Professional Thai Boxer Roberto Olivieri. Coach Raf is an ASFA CPT with a specialization in mitt work and thai pad holding for training sessions and is highly experienced in both 1on1 and group training. His mission is to be the most well rounded fighter he can while tirelessly passing all of his teachings on to his students.